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Elite Qubo Power Fluid Wheel-On Turbo Trainer

The Elite QUBO FLUID is a classic, powerful and quiet roller trainer that achieves high resistance levels even at low speeds thanks to the flywheel that is completely immersed in oil.

Features - Elite Qubo Power Fluid

  • Connectivity: By employing the Misuro B+ (not included!), the QUBO FLUID home trainer can become compatible with My E-Training and third party apps (which usually require a paid subscription). No more boring training sessions! Training on QUBO FLUID becomes a new, exciting and stimulating experience. The MISURO B+ sensor processes power, speed and cadence data to send to compatible apps/devices/computers.
  • Quiet and powerful: Fluid technology ensures maximum quietness while training and pedaling roundness comparable to what you'd have on the road. The home trainer features a fluid resistance unit with 100% more power than a traditional fluid home trainer.
  • Stable and safe: Qubo frame features modern and aggressive design where sturdy steel structures perfectly integrate cutting-edge plastic materials. Stability when it's being used has considerably increased thanks to the wider contact surface and the improved centre of gravity (bike/athlete) compared to the frame of the home trainer.
  • Use: Cutting-edge technology and materials on this home trainer, ideal for those who want a more traditional type of training session done in an effective and professional way. Just mount the bike and stard pedaling without having to worry about other settings.
  • Elastogel roller: The red roller the wheel rests on is made in oversized (Ø45 mm) Elastogel material, the exclusive polyurethane compound developed and tested by ELITE. This improves tyre adherence, moreover it decreases the noise coming from the roller/tyre friction by 50% and tyre consumption by 20%. It also reduces slippage as more power is transferred between wheel and home trainer. This translates to improved performances.
  • Crono system: The exclusive Crono compass syste, designed and developed by ELITE for many years faithfully simulates how a bike behaves on the road. The weight of the ahtlete directly rests on the home trainer, reproducing the mechanisms of pedaling on the road. This affects power output at the same speed, for instance at 30 km/h speed, a 90kg cyclist exerts a different power output than a 60kg cyclist. It's not the unit that adjusts on the tyre, it's the tyre to ideally place itself on the resistance unit.
  • Practicality: Very easy to transport, folds up quickly when not in use and occupies very little space when stored.
  • Connectivity: Compatible with the Misuro B+ sensor (not included).
  • Quietness: Great quietness and pedaling roundness.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all bikes, both road and MTB, with 20'' to 29'' wheels.


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    • Model: Qubo Power Fluid
    • Power output: 540W
    • Frame: Qubo Frame
    • Rolling: Elastogel Roller
    • Roll diameter: 45mm
    • Resistance: Fluid resistance unit
    • Resistance levels: Stepless
    • Size: from 20" to 29" 
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