The Tacx Blue Motion Pro turbo trainer is available in a practical set with front wheel support and a non-slip, noise-absorbing training mat - perfect for the start of the winter season at home.

Turbo Trainer with maximum resistance of 950 watts: The Tacx Blue Motion Pro

The Blue Motion, Matic and Twist are the long-expected successors of the Cycletrack, Tacx’s first model ever that has been very popular for decades thanks to its excellent value for money. The same can be expected of the Blue, because you get more for less: a powerful brake that manages the resistance and a robust frame with solid back legs. Tacx’s many years of experience have resulted in the design of this stable construction that can withstand all forces.

Features - Blue Motion Pro

Manual resistance control
The Blue Motion is controlled by a lever on your steer, allowing you to set the resistance as required. The higher the position, the more resistance.

The power of neodymium
The magnetic brake of the Blue Motion features one neodymium magnet, providing the trainer with high power levels.

Realistic pedal stroke
The Blue Motion is equipped with an actual flywheel to simulate a realistic road feel.

Virtual power
Train with Zwift or TrainerRoad on the basis of virtual power using the Tacx speed and cadence sensor! This transmits your speed and cadence wirelessly via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart to your tablet or smartphone, so you can also use these training applications with a basic trainer.



    Type of trainer: Basic trainer with magnetic brake
    Magnets: 1 Neodymium magnet
    Transmission: Roller, 30 mm
    Electrical requirements: No mains voltage required
    Suitable bikes: Race, Tri & MTB
    Max. power (40 km/h): 950 Watt
    Max. torque: 16.32Nm
    Max. brake force: 48N
    Flywheel: Actual of 1,6kg
    Flywheel effect: 9.81 kg (21.6 lbs)
    Calibration: -
    Footprint (lxw): 640×635mm (25.2×25.0in)
    Height: 440mm (17.3in)
    Dimensions when folded: 610×420×250mm (24.0×16.5×9.84in)
    Control by: Handlebar resistance lever with 10 positions
    Weight 10.1kg (Manufacturer information)


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